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Breaking Free


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This community is for the purpose of expression, knowledge, learning and appreciation. It is created with the intent of sharing ideas in an anonymous, yet informative way. Often, we disregard ideas, and advice from people, however relevant or helpful it may be, because we have preconceived ideas about a person. If we keep this anonymous, it will also protect privacy, to a limit. To join this community, there are some rules and regulations:

1. Please create an additional lj name than your primary use.
2. PLEASE make a random, non-associating name, i.e. pencil_polish7, 54tylenol, tree_soda, rummage88, top654hat, cell_letter... you get the idea. No need to be cute clever or rediculous. Also, please don't try obvious "opposites" such as: pinkles_r_cute, I_hate_music, ghettoSupaStar, etc... lol The more generic the names are, the more likely it will remain anonymous.
3. PLEASE do not enter AIM names in the User Info section.
4. PLEASE do not enter interests, because that also gives away clues.
5. PLEASE select HIDE birthday and location.
6. PLEASE do not select a user picture that gives away anything, if you question if it will or not, just go with out one.
7. Please keep topics "detail" free, such as names, specific locations and specific events at disgression.
8. Community members should try to put an entry in atleast once a week, or comment once a week, or participate in a discussion.
9. Please do not put what "music" you are listening to, that's also a give away for some people.
10. Inspirational or interesting quotes, articles or pictures are welcome.
11. Feel free to ask question or start discussion topics to be commented on by other members.
12. Don't let things get viscious, but feel free to speak your mind.
13. You mus select "more options" and then select that you want to post your enty in "enter_dreamland" or else it will just show up as a regular entry- not in the community.
14. PLEASE don't tell anyone what your alias is, even your dear friends. The point is so people can speak their mind without fear of judgment or drama. Even if you tell your best friend or your mother is dying and her last wish is for you to tell her your alias, you tell them NO. For the sake of this community.
15. DON'T HAVE FUN. -only joking, dear friends.

NOTE: Only aliases will be listed as Members, however, your regular livejournal is free to view the community, list it as friend, and post things- but not in discussions. Please keep personal stories and detailed journaling entries on your daily things or whatnot in your personal journal.

Now that I am done power-tripping like a Nazi at Hannukah, JOIN! The more variety, the better, but please, follow the rules and regs, I think they will help keep this community working for the purpose it was created.

If you have any questions, e-mail me at BarbEGrl25@aol.com or comment in my personal journal, Bella_stranger. And if you are wondering, I too will have an alias, but I will wait until more people join so it's not obvious who I am.

OH. if you DO break the rules, as account operator, I can block you from making entries- so watch out... I'm a killa queen!

Plus, the mystery will defnitely add some spice to the LJ world! woo hoo!