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Nov. 23rd, 2004 @ 09:43 am *..()..*
Some people are so insecure with themselves that they are quick to jump on other people's mistakes, point them out, and know the right answer to "solving", yet never actually experienced their position. THey might think they know... theyve "seen" it, been "around" it, actually "tried" it... but they havent.

They think they know everything about anything, just because they have a good head on their shoulders. Just because you are an intelligent person, you cant expect to know everything.

I dont know everything, I never will. I have experienced some things no one would ever want to deal with, but i dont fret too much. It's a learning experience... each day I'm one step closer to knowing the real me, to finding my purpose, if any.

If life is such a prescious gift, why is it so easy to damage it? I dont think its because its so fragile, but more because we are just klutzy in our decisions. But it goes beyond tangible desicions.

Some of the most hurtful thing you can do to yourself or someone else is the spoken word, or the glances, or the attitude- things that transcend the body, but define the soul. Get past looking at things with a 21st century american eye, realize you are one of MANY, that existence is something of an accident at times... and nonexistence is just as random... but there are times when you can very prominently affect both. You can create life, and you can end it, whether it be your own life, or someone elses.

society has created the word "god" to answer questions beyond discovery. a book dedicated to a philosophy and story of existence. a guideline to "eternal" happiness. The unexplained was referenced to an otherwordly being, who was meant to be a provider, protector and precious parent. "Pagans" dabbled in science to get an even closer understanding of the workings of so called "life". Ignorance aside, they opened their minds to new ideas, new philosophies, new discoveries. maybe all their findings will eventually point back to "god"... but maybe that is just short cut to bliss. societies cult like addiction to relgion is primarily a hypocritical view on life itself. that to be JOYful, you have to SUBMIT. CONFORM. Be a SHEEP. OBEY. make your mind, body and soul, "useful" to your community...

is that all it is... oh no... then there's procreation... the mating process. finding that "special someone" to bond with, and find a "connection" with.. all for the name of "love". and to bring more life into the world so this process can continue, and continue.

and continue....

until we all wise up and see how retarded this all is and start eating eachother.

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